The Madness of Professor Mutambara

In the 1994 film, The Madness of King George , exploring the deterioration of George III’s mental health and his relationship with his son the Prince of Wales the latter says ‘To be Prince of Wales is not a position – it is a predicament.’

The same can be said when speaking of the position of the Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, at least one of them. Having been rescued from the sack by the President and Prime Minister on a technicality our beloved Professor of Robotics and stuff, has decided to do what he does best. Say stuff that he only gets in his head.

In a recent speech at the recent London Stock Exchange forum, he went on about how Zimbabwe didn’t deserve a currency, and that our own currency would only be viable in 2015 or 2020. Not done he then said but that could change after elections but he is uncertain about it.

So what exactly are you saying, as the only member of MDC-M? Yeah that slight dig was just for fun really. But on the real though. That policy could change after elections. Are you saying that you will be in government after elections? Because elections change everything don’t they? So what are the markets supposed to think now? With that much ambiguity do you think you have clarified anything?

Maybe his minders should set him aside and whisper in his ear what Queen Charlotte did to poor old George:

Come on, smile and wave. That’s what you get paid for. Smile and wave.

I am not saying that the Professor is useless but I am saying that some of the time, he would best serve the country if he just smiled and waved, when that other Professor who he used to be mates isn’t waving a finger at him.