Locardia Plans Exposé; Pushes For PM’s Arrest

The plot surrounding Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s love life thickened yesterday as his estranged wife Locardia Karimatsenga said she was planning an exposé that would shock the nation and the international community at large.

On top of that she is now pushing for his arrest on charges of perjury, contempt of court and fraud. The charges, they say, should emanate from the affidavits that the PM put bef0re the court in opposing those made by Locardia regarding the marriage. In an affidavit the Prime Minister said he was not married and the magistrates court found that he was. This decision was upheld by the High Court. Tsvangirai has since then applied to the Supreme Court for a reversal of lower court decisions.

As it stands, it looks as if Locardia is going in for the kill. This is the part, we think, where you go and pay for someone’s silence. Everyone has a price and surely she will come to her senses at some point at the price she demands. Keeping this issue in the public eye does noone any good.

The PM had numerous chances to shut this down and he didn’t. His advisors need to tell him to find away to make this story go away. They should have done as much a long time ago. Silence when you have been up to naughty business is not free. You can call her undignified and unbecoming but she is not trying to get elected as the next president of the country. She has a lot less to lose. At some point you are going to have to play chess. Lose a rook in order to take out the queen.

Make this way Mr PM. There are other things to get done.

He won’t, will he?

Question is, what does she have that will shock us?