Did Lipsy Try To Commit Suicide Over Winky D?

There has been a lot of talk about the Ninja president, Winky D and Lipsy, the ‘first lady’ of Vigilance Music being an item. H Metro ran a shocking story this week about how she — real name Tendazvaitwa Chitimbe — tried to do herself in over the said rumour.

Now of course when people come out on a video together, the fans start wishing for things and the rumour mill has been working over time, well, wishing for things. Remember the Alicia Keys and Mos Def video, when people were all gaga or when Alicia Keys and Common appeared opposite each other on Smoking Aces.

So the story has it that it all got to her – the rumour that she was doing it with the Ninja President –  and she wanted to be done with life.

Now we think that is just a tad bit too sensational. Why would she kill herself over a rumour that she as doing it with one of the hottest properties in the game? Unless she was high and you know people in the rasta  circles do like to high on the herb.

To be fair, if the story was she had been dumped then it would make sense. It would still be a stupid reason to kill oneself but it would make a bit more sense.

As it stands she says that she overdosed on some medicine and that was about it. We are not sure what to think to be honest.

What do you think? Maybe prezha yachinja. She couldn’t have, could she?

Below is the video to the song Taitirana Pa First Sight in which Lipsy makes an appearance.

If you are unable to view from this site you can check it out on Youtube