Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Not Captured. What’s Going On In Libya?

It looked like the game was up. Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and sons were said to have been in custody and Libya was virtually in the hands of the rebels. It was over. We got duped as well. We wrote that this was the case.

When my friend whatsapped me the same night and asked where the evidence of the arrests was, I was like, they will bring it out in good time. But what was nagging me by yesterday was that they hadn’t paraded him as a form of shame. I mean, hey, they needed to show that they had taken over. Nothing.

Then today on Al-Jazeera reported that Saif Al Islam had made a surprise appearance on the streets of Tripoli. There was the evidence of Saif Al-Islam but not in detention as the National Transitional  Council had declared.

They had been taken on their word and noone had questioned them or asked them for evidence. The controversial International Criminal Court, which reports had said was negotiating his being taken to the Hague, now claims that it had no confirmation in the first place. This of course in spite of the office of its prosecutor claiming otherwise on Monday.

It does make you wonder what is really going on in Libya? What is the truth? How much of what they claim is being taken on their word, without question? Of course when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s people have said something it has been interrogated, the NTC’s claims have been taken on face-value. I am not suggesting that we should not question the government’s claims but I am saying why be hoodwinked by the other side, especially when dealing with a matter of this magnitude.

One would say that it was a media war, trying inspire people but what does it say now? To those who had believed what was said on the ground it means a knock in confidence, doesn’t it?

That said, it does look like the end-game is here, but it is not going to be as simple as many people made it seem.

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