Lead Investigator In Pistorious Case Facing Attempted Murder Charges

The drama in the Oscar Pistorious case took a twist when it was revealed that the lead investigator in the case Hilton Botha is facing seven charges of attempted murder.

These stem from an incident four years ago when Botha and several other other officers fired shots at a minibus they were chasing in 2009.

They were drunk at the time and also charged with using firearms while under the influence of alcohol.

The charges had been provisionally withdrawn but were reinstated on the 4th of February.

This will come as a huge blow to South Africa Police Service’s reputation.

While the NPA says the charges were reinstated before Reeva Steenkamp’s killing, Botha only found out yesterday through another cop.

From looking grim for Pistorious a few days ago this is beginning to look better, especially after the successes the defence had yesterday.

We fully expect Pistorious to have his charges reduce to the less serious schedule 5 and to be granted bail. Then after that, more NPA blunders.

It’s still a long way for Pistorious to go though. Evidence is evidence and even though Botha is under scrutiny what he foun is still admissible in court.

UPDATE: Seems as if Pistorious case might be assigned to a Provincial task team 

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