New Law To Go After Looting MPs

Cabinet has approved  a penalty of up to five years in jail for Members of Parliament found guilty of misappropriating  Constituency Development Funds.

Those who helped to embezzle this money will also face the same sentence.

Before the parliament had been hamstrung as there was no standing punishment for members of the house who engaged in untoward activity.

The proposal is currently a Bill but it is expected to go through and become an act.

Four MPs, Albert Mhlanga (MDC-T Pumula), Marvellous Khumalo (MDC-T St Mary’s), Cleopas Machacha (MDC-T Kariba) and Franco Ndambakuwa (Zanu-PF Magunje), were  arrested early this year by the Anti-Corruption Commission and appeared in court.

Ndambakuwa and Mhlanga had their charges withdrawn while the rest have their cases still pending.

Irregularities have also been found in 95 audited constituencies.

We think that even stiffer measures should be put in place for people who steal public money. Also, that the law is in place does nothing if noone is ever found guilty.

Until someone high profile is found guilty of corruption and sentenced then we are messing about.