Latest killed lion not linked to Cecil – Zimparks

Contrary to reports on national wires, the lion shot dead recently has no links to Cecil, says the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Authority.

Cecil The Lion PIC: YouTube Screengrab

Cecil The Lion PIC: YouTube Screengrab

The authority said no DNA evidence found linking the slain lion, taken down during a legal hunt to the Cecil.

According to ZBC, Zimparks public relations manager, Mr Tinashe Farawo said the male lion was killed outside the Hwange National Park adding that the hunter unfortunately could not see the radio collar on the researched animal.

There is no law currently against hunting collared animals and there is no plan to come with a ban.

It is two years since Cecil the Lion was shot dead by an American dentist, Dr Walter Palmer. The incident caused international public outrage. Noone was convicted of any wrongdoing related to the matter.

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