Kuwadzana Witchcraft: Man Changes Into Snake And Enters Boy Through Mouth!

The state broadcaster ZBC has updated its story on the Kuwadzana 6 Primary School witchcraft story.

Now the story is, a little boy was offered $5 to pray before man. The boy accepted the money and the man turned into a snake and entered the pupil’s mouth.

Earlier on reports had said the boy had changed into a snake.

The head of the school was caught on state TV relating the matter to her superiors pretty much confirming the incident.

Real just got more real.

Strange things happening in the city of Harare. Or perhaps people are just reporting them more.

  • legendbjaj

    If anyone can believe this, they are stupid, lack reasoning capacity and it makes me sad that my fellow country folk are so gullible to believe such hogwash to even bring it out on TV with no evidence! how can one turn into a SNAKE! REALLY???? c’mon

  • haa Zimbabwe, my beloved country