Of kids whose sexes change

So was having a chat with a friend who frequents watering holes today and he reckons that the case in the local rag about a kid whose sex suddenly changed from male to female was a bit on the juju side.

He says that prostitutes use this often for clients who don’t pay. Dude wakes up and finds that his manhood is gone. And so there is an inebriated school of thought that says the father imply had his way with some woman and buggered off without paying for services rendered resulting in the said incident. Sins of the father, see.

So then we started thinking, imagine if you could use that sort of power in a war. Cast a spell on the other side and they wake up with missing proverbials which gives you a chance to knock them about while they are still in shock.

Still. Maybe it only works when there is sex and I doubt the army lot would want to go and offer their sewer section, and try to get swindled so that they use that as a reason to use the juju. Kinda makes the process silly and there is not enough counselling in the world to recover from that sort of thing is there?

So then guns it is!