Kenyans For Kenya: A Citizens’ Response To A National Crisis

Yesterday we wrote about how the powers-that-be and the world at large has ignored the unfolding tragedy that is Northern Kenya. reported  yesterday on an initiative that is responding strongly to the plight of not only fellow Kenyans but others in the region who are affected by the crisis.

Kenyans for Kenya started an initiative to raise money for the crisis in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. By social media and mobile phones within a few days there has been raised over €500.000 by Kenyans, through mobile phones. The NaiLab is running the online campaign.

The initiative was launched by the Safaricom Foundation in partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank initiated the ‘Kenyans 4 Kenya’ campaign. The initiative has brought together a number of organizations among them Safaricom Foundation, KCB Foundation and the country’s leading media houses operating under the umbrella of the Media Owners Association (MOA). The effort will be administered by relief agencyKenya Red Cross Society. Other corporate have also joined the band wagon and progress is being noted.

The initiative: Kenyans who’re standing together to help Kenyans who are in, extremely, need of help and have employed the use of mobile phones to transfer funds at no cost. This will ensure that even the smallest donation (as low as Sh10 (€0,07)) is harnessed, as this will go a long way in improving the situation of millions of Kenyans currently staring starvation and death in the eye.

In a world where self-serving motives have reduce humanity to an historical anecdote, one of the basic tenets of existence has kicked in. Human beings are taking time out to take care of human beings. Instead of commissions, enquiries and bureaucracy, hearts have been used for more than the pumping of blood through the system.

When all the old world systems fail, there must be another way. Kenyans for Kenya, has found another way.