Kelly Rowland, Ludacris join queue to rape Zimbabwe

So some people will tell you that Ludacris and Kelly Rowland’s coming to Zimbabwe in December is a good thing and that sort of thing. The whole argument that they are putting Zimbabwe on the map and the usual bile.

I am not knocking the whole effort by such wanton mouthpieces going about peddling the odd misnomer that these things go beyond the entertainment value they bring.

I remember interviewing Bad Boy Entertainment’s Jay Reid and he said the money was running out in the states and the artists were now looking for new markets and it seems that the once-pariah state is now a safe haven for anyone whose career is now a bit crap. It is progress mind you from those artists who were a lot crap.

I look at Kelly Rowland she is like the unfortunate stepsister in one of those fairy tales. Beyonce gets somewhere and she gets elsewhere but it is not really somewhere. It must suck.

So now she goes and finds the three fans she can get here and she uses those to get somewhere. which is well, elsewhere really and essentially no place specially.

Then there is Ludacris. He has a song with Justin Bieber. Nuff said,

That said, Kelly Rowland is hot!