Katsande Gives Account Of Ordeal In Court As Women-Based NGOs Go Missing

The trial in which radio personality and former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsane accuses her former lover Brian Munjodzi of beating her up resumed in Harare today.

After as postponement at the end of last month, Katsande told of her ordeal which did include the infamous plate-washing incident. In this Munjodzi accused her of being disrespectful (hauterere), when she said she wanted to rest and he would not let her. He then allegedly dragged her by her hair for approximately 5 metres. After that she was slapped a number times.

She was beaten a number of times again while she lay on the ground. He accused her of visiting when she felt like ignoring her pleas as he worked on her.

After that he took off his shirt and saying he was going to teach her a lesson for leaving plates unwashed forcing him to wash them, something he found disrespectful.

Said Tino after the long day:

GBV trial began today! System frustrating, intimidating,daunting ! Now I know why “victims” give up half way through! NOT ME.

Finally I got to speak the true account of “Tintin beaten up by lover…”. It was like reliving that horrific night all over again. I cried.

The case was adjourned to Case postponed to  Monday 17 December 2012 at 07h30hrs, Mbare Magistrate Courts 07h30 where there will be cross-examination and statement from the accused.

And missing as we predicted they would be… the women-based NGOs who all got their mileage when this story was still fresh.

It also emerged that the Munjodzi has since tried to reach a settlement in which Katsande would agree that she was not beaten up that much.

Whe you think about it, it feels a little weird, that taste in your mouth like you just drank a lot of metallic fluids.

  • Tat

    Does she need the women based NGO groups… Cuz really we dunno what they are actually there for

  • nhonho11

    gosh this is a really badly written article. Do you have an editor.

  • General_Tichatonga

    it is not an obligation for the women NGOs to be present for the trial. i am sorry she went through that ordeal, but please lets not seek attention. this is TinTin’s baby handle it on your own, if sympathisers come along be grateful, but it’s not their obligation.

  • Really?

    Still trying to work out how this writer knows what support was or wasn’t rendered by gender violence focused charities???
    Do they have a direct line to the victim, or are they just speculating?
    The writer seems intent on attacking without even bothering to try get a comment from the NGOs accused anyway. Pathetic gutter journalism of the worst kind. Get a real life and real job, at the very least try using your spell checker once in a while, at least you won’t look like 7 year-olds. Makes H-Metro look like Newsweek Magazine.
    Very poor, am disappointed.

  • myopinion

    to the contrary these women based NGO’s should be there,when you have been abused and you decide to “TALK” about you need to look at a face that you kno is in ur corner a face who understands why you had to report the matter ,which i think is wat these so called organisations stand for,they should be ther to help Tinopona not only seek justice but also closure by knowing someone has her back becoz hama dzangu musadherera kurohwa nemunhu waunofunga kuti anokuda haadi kuti urwadziswe wanike ndiye wacho anotokurwadzisa
    they shldnt be hypocrites and practise wat they preach!!!!!!!!!