Kasukuwere Reverses Harare City Council Dismissals

Zimbabwe’s local government and urban development minister Saviour Kasukuwere has stepped into reverse the decision by the Harare City Council to fire 3,000 workers.

Expert Meeting 2014
Africa Progress Panel / Foter / CC BY

The decision sent shockwaves on Tuesday and was probably the biggest single carnage since the 17 July 2014 decision by the Supreme Court to allow employees to fire workers on notice without the need to give a reason.

What had really made it eye-popping is that it seemed to be made at a time when parliament was trying to pass a bill that protected workers more giving the impression that the city council was trying to beat the deadline for the passing of that bill.

Now Kasukuwere says such a summary dismissal is unacceptable and is demanding a report to justify such a move.

Mind you, 3,000 with no real reason being given was a bit over-the-top, a wee-bit naughty actually, the kind you get a spanking for.

  • Percy Gee

    has he reversed or he just asked for a report as to why that was done?