Kariba Update: Rangers Catch And Kill Three Lions

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management rangers have caught and killed three lions responsible for two and possibly three deaths in the resort town of Kariba.

A lioness and two”sub-adult cubs between two and three years old were baited into traps and given lethal injections using darts late on Thursday. Sub-adults are about three quarters of the size of the mother.

Professional hunters had been called in to help with the hunt after the lions killed a 77 year-old man and 43 year-old woman. The head of a third person was found on Wednesday night and it is suspected that lions too, killed him.

We hope for the sake of our Kariba people, that is all the lions gone.

  • Severely Unhappy

    and WHY were these lions hunting humans? Because sub-adult lions aren’t big enough to hunt on their own and their mother couldn’t hunt for them because she had a snare around her neck and one of her back legs was severely damaged from another. That’s right. Humans made the human eaters. It is NOT the animals’ faults!!!!