Kanye West Drives to Protests In His Maybach

As the Wall Street Occupiers were making arrangements to pay a visit to the air their complaints to bilionaires based in New York. Kanye West decided to pay them a visit on monday, In his Maybach.

It really got us wondering whether Kanye really understood the whole idea that motivated the protest; you know, the whole issue of the growing disparity between the rich and the poor. Making an appearance in a car worth over $400 000 dollars does not exactly fall in line with that whole concept. In the least it is somewhat arrogant.

Russell Simmons also joined him and took time to talk to the press and reminded onlookers that it was not odd to see Kanye at such an event because Kanye sings about the conditons of disadvantaged people. Lets hope Wall Street power players  are not trying to hijack the protest thereby diffuse its effect by crowding with celebrity types . When celebrities start milling around we all know who sent them. However both West and Simmons were well recieved. Yesterday the mayor said it was OK for the protestors to continue their protest because America was a free country.

Meanwhile the protestors said they would leave Zucotti Park and pay some of the rich in New York a visit. This is a strategy they learnt from their fellows in Chicago. Some of the people targeted are  David Koch,  John Paulson and Jamie Dimon and Rupert Murdoch. With the protests in France and England gaining momentum could this be the begining of a new era ?

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