Jilted Lover Stabs Girlfriend 15 Times

The Late Monalisa Chinomona

A Chitungwiza man stabbed his 19 year-old girlfriend 15 times, killing her after she had dumped him.

From what we hear, Pritchard Zimondi, 24 had been dumped by Monalisa Chinomona on Monday after a  fight. He then waited until yesterday morning when he went to her house where she was alone. After  murdering her, he then locked her up in her room, locked the house and gate and left.

Her brother who had forced his way into the house after she had not responded when he tried to get in found her in a pool of blood and dead.

He has since been arrested.

The story makes us sick to the stomach. Not only has a family lost a young and vibrant girl with promise in such a vicious way but it makes you wonder what sick and twisted part of a person would cause them to do something so heinous.

No sense can be made of something of this nature and we can only begin to imagine what is going through the minds of the family and friends who have been affected by this tragedy.

It also sends chills down your spine when you think what young women are exposed to when dating. To everyone concerned this was a normal relationship with its cycles but noone knew the risk that she was under. That when she would leave him, for whatever reason, he would decide that if he could not have her, noone else would.

Rest In Peace Monalisa Chinomona. It is such a waste.

  • Wardkumapenzi


    • Terrible stuff.

      • Iimaruza75

        You kno wat guys some parents pushes us children into dangers this guy is not a murder as you think but he was so hurt why.he is the one who has been paying some fees for this gal and meeting all her needs the girl’s parents were are aware of everything that has been happening between these two lovers and monalisa was pushed to dump pritchard after all all wat he did for her zvinorwadza veduwe paying fees for someone you luv upto A’levels and then later yu dump the guy.he was not suppose to kill zvake but the ones who pushed Monalisa to Dump Pritchard ur the ones to be blamed.both sides ur wrong.Rest in peace Monalisa.

        • Ndagumbuka

          There is no excuse for murdering. Too many people have been dumped but do not resort to killing. That boy needs to rot in prison or be sentenced to death.

          • Don’t think the comment says that killing was the right option. But the level of investment may be a mitigating factor. Still a heinous crime and he will get what’s coming for him. The background of the story helps make some sense of the madness

        • The story gets even more tragic. This is sad

        • Slough UK

          She did NOT deserve death pernalty wazvinzwa dai ari wako wainzva sei.no justfication on this case ,murder is murder ,This is bad zvino chii chaakagona iye Uchafira mujeri and he will leave with it for ever. I got children im know how it feels, if it is true what you saying killing was not the solution guys Sad !

          Slough UK.

        • Elaine

          u are right limaruza…, the family knew and even the sister still owes Pritchard Zimondi $500, Lisa begged zimondi to help the sister coz she had a $500 debt and she was about to be thrown into jail wn pritchard helped her coz of the love he had for Lisa…, Fuck u Sharon Chinomona Ganyiwa, u need to tell the truth and stop playing miss innocent bitch…, why didn’t your husband pay the debt for you…, you contributed to your sister’s death coz waimufurira kuti arambe munhu yet iwe une murume wako…., My GOD judge u…..

  • Hezmanu

    really tragic. Next time you want to dismiss someones gut instinct don’t be so quick.

  • Rodmunpower

    eeesh ma1

  • Tauya263

    But why God !!! . Unbeliviable….

  • mai mati


  • Leonard Boora

    rest in peace lil sis will always remember u

    • Our condolences

    • mapanzure veronica

      Lenny ma1 chaowo

      • Leonard Boora

        ma1 sha!

        • Mazvitamakarau

          atete lisa vaenda may her soul reast in peace

  • mapanzure veronica

    RIP Lisa

  • Grace Mugabe

    RIP darling girl – you didn’t deserve that.

  • sly


  • Pharymat

    its such a waste, honestly the prittchard i knew would never have done this!! still in shock!!!!

  • Nu-aquariusfitness

    knew the young man, but never thot he cud such a heinous thing, our gym community is shocked. Very sad

  • was at the same school with mona,m hurt. . .may her soul r.i.p

  • Michaeltaurainashe

    the guy deserve to wrote jail

  • deco

    Type your comment here.mpfhana pritchard pa fair chaipo dai takubata oh ndaikuuraya slwly!kuti unyatso mama

  • Charlenex46

    yeah wateva!!!!!!!!!

    • Chenai2214

      you have serious problems and need help immediately. Im very sorry for watever you are angry about.Get professional help

  • Charlenex46


    • Huh?

    • Maihwe

      there is an immediate need to have you assessed, mentally that is … your response to this tragedy reveals a troubling trait of psychopathy.

    • Ah ah ah

      Are you sick in the mind or something, even if this is your way of being random, expressing frustration or whatever level of depression you’re in, don’t be an insensitive idiot. You honestly need Jesus because clearly the place you’re in mentally, is disturbing

    • Charles Beche raamayi vako wanzwa,
      imbwa yemunhu.

    • Flossytam

      Dear Charlene

      I would like you to know that everyone born through a woman has limited days on this earth. For someone to rejoice over the death of a human being shows just how much deep they are in the kingdom of darkness. I pray that the angel of death does not find its way to you before you repent . For the meantime, I suggest you seek the services of a Psychologist or better still, a deliverance pastor. You need help fast…….

  • iconwoman

    The guy’s name was Zimhondi, he truly lived up to his name! RIP Mona, so young – i hope the judge hands him a life sentence!

  • Goughp32

    The problem now esp in Zimbabwe people have lost the respect for life. Killing without any consequence has become a think of the norm. Hapana chinoera. People are evil without cause and are allowed to get away with it.

  • karamel

    zimhondi remumhu very evil why take an innocent soul, noone has the ryt to take someone’s lyf…

  • faithgashirayi

    Please lets pray for this guys, he destroyed to knives with one knive his and Mona’s. I know he is not beyond salvation because God saved me, I am so sad because what he did is inexcusable but God still loves him. Let pray that justice will be saved but He will encounter God.


      Ko kunyora neshona zvineyi nhai Faith? Chirungu kumira nemusoro kudaro?

  • Hey – i don’t even know what to say, i saw the girl grow up, she was such a very sweet person and i cant come to terms with what have just happened,
    R>I>P mona – we will always remember you and this Pritchrd boy should be given a death sentence.

    • death sentence?? he should rot in jail…feel the pain all the way through. a death sentence is too easy

  • Ishe pindirai

  • R.I.P Young Lady but it just makes us all wonder the type of world we live in today, i hope she had no part to play to drive a person to such limits. 15 stabs are beyond psychotic.

  • Nckmeck

    Mfesi uyu imboko mhani!!!!!they mst cut his balls nd leave him for 2 days nd then kill him…..if thrz a vain that still pops blood they mst kill him again!!!!rest in peace Mona nd may ur soul R.I.P……

  • Poseidon Nyanya

    another death…just another one…so many dying everyday who gives a damn. How many 24 year olds are infecting their 19 year old girlfriends with HIV. They are so many, what of the other way… do they make it to news?..no never..so how one dies is immaterial…death is death and there is peace in it… because death is the law by the creator, so let it be so… no amounts of RIP will change anything…let it rest

  • this guy needs to rot in jail and feel more pain than anyone else has ever known

  • Nyashamadimbu

    mona may your soul rest in God’s arms. its now bt a story. u didnt deserve such a way of perishing. zvisinei Mwari ndivo vanotsiva