Japan: 3-mob.com Supporting the Red Cross Family Links Initiative

There are no words to describe the untold destruction caused by the Tsunami in Japan last Friday. Thousands have died and even more are reported missing.

The horror unfolds every single day and the magnitude of it all will probably not come to light until it all passes.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are leading an initiative to unite family members who have been separated by the events of the last couple of days. This time can be very lonely for those who have been displaced. Not knowing where your loved ones are is harrowing especially in the middle of an ongoing disaster.

We at 3-mob throw our weight fully behind this initiative. While we may not be able to bring sanity to all of this, we can call on the humanity in each other to bring comfort and practical assistance to the people of Japan in this time of devastation.

Please take time out to find ways that you too can give a helping hand. After all, we were set on this earth to do just that.

For more info on Family Links  click here

If you want to donate directly to the  Red Cross click here