International Criminal Court Issues Gaddafi Arrest Warrant

Just a day after Lybian leader Muammar Gaddafi agreed to be left out of peace talks to bring a resolution to the conflict in his country, that joke called the International Criminal Court may have just done its bit to radicalise him.

We all know how unstable the man is but then, a day after he makes a huge confession, they back him into a corner by issuing a warrant of arrest against him and two relatives.

Not only that; this is right in the middle of a conflict. It just seems a bit stupid to be honest.

On top of that it flies in the face of the African Union’s efforts to resolve the conflict. Blatant disrespect, it is.

Mind you, the ICC is just a whip used by the west to have a go at the rest of the world using standards that it, itself is unwilling to live up to.