Of the UN idiots and their stupid report on Zimbabwe

Over the last ten years almost anyone who has a pen or mic or any sort of audience including looking at himself in the mirror has taken turns at bashing my beautiful country, Zimbabwe.

So the United Nations Development Something or the other(don’t really care to find out what it actually is) is the latest to come out make the most outrageous claim EVER. Apparently Zimbabwe is the worst place to live.

Yes. THE WORST. It means we are supposedly worse than Somalia, Angola, Iraq and so forth.

According them we are rubbish.

And I am like, we all know you have some sort of agenda when it comes to Zimbabwe. The default setting has been kick the, in the teeth, for a while.

But then to say something like this has me peeved. I know that the UN has been a Mickey Mouse Club for the longest, but really?

And to think after the reaction, they had the balls to try to defend such a poor hatchet job.

We bite our thumb at you and whoever wrote that report can go hang.

  • RueJay

    We know what the truth is so why worry about the ignorant ?