Ian Khama’s version of The Bachelor: Has he got no game?

So Ian Khama the President of that country called Botswana wants a wife. And he has put this bit of business in the hands of his nation and in particular his party to find him a wife.

And what does he want in a woman? She must be tall and slim. Oh yeah, and beautiful.

And in a nation where the women are coveted for their prominent shaped lasses such women are like hen’s teeth. I don’t think he covered himself in glory when he said that he didnt like the bigger ladies would fail to fit through the door or damage the suspension on his car. But anyway that is his choice and well, at least he is not choosing men.

But wait a minute. I would think if you were the president of country every girl and her mother would at least think about doing something with you. I mean I can’t imagine me being president and 57 and unmarried and walking up to choiciest of cuts being able to convince her that it was in her best interests to have spend her days on my left arm. I am just saying

I am inclined to think that he simply has got no game. I mean really. Come on man. Getting a wife is not rocket science and at 57 the life companion reason has flown out of the cage.

But who are we? Not presidents. Just mere mortals with the ability to do what Khama can’t do.

I guess power corrupts in different ways

  • RueJay

    I bet you he has had “women friends”, just not ones he wanted to call his wife.