Hunt For Rudo Mawere’s Killer: Suspect Found Hanged

The hunt is on for a person who is believed to have killed Rudo Pretty Mawere and stuffed her body in a bag.

Police believe the person they are looking for is a man who owed Mawere money. She is believed to have died by asphyxiation. There was a plastic bag over her head when she was found fully-clothed by a passer by in the bag on St David’s Terrace, Blackhorse Avenue in Dublin, early Sunday.

Investigators worked with police forces around the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi.

It was feared that the suspect would flee to Zimbabwe via South Africa.

There has been a worrying increase in the number of deaths of Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

UPDATE: The murder suspect in the case was found hanged in Kent. Garda police said the man’s name was Jasper Taruvinga, a Zimbabwean who had been living in Coventry, England.

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