Harare Tees founder Tinashe Chiweshe dies

The founder of one of Zimbabwe’s premier urban culture labels Harare Tees, Tinashe Chiweshe has died.

Tinashe Chiweshe

Chiweshe passed away on Sunday after he succumbed to injuries from an assault on Friday which landed him in the Intensive Care Unit of Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

The popular Chiweshe’s death has been met with widespread shock with numerous messages of grief posted on social media platforms.

Chiweshe started his label which grew from strength to strength from just t-shirts to hoodies. He was often seen at exhibitions and events donning his label. He was also a person who was not afraid to speak his mind even when it was not popular opinion.

Mourners are gathered at 43 Sturgess road Cranbone. Burial is tentatively set for Wednesday in Harare.

  • Cranborne Neighbour

    Who ever did it, for what reason, God is watching. A human is a very important being in the eyes of the Lord. “And God said, let us create man in our Own image”. From dust He created man.” Who are you to take away someone’s life? You who takes someone’s life, what is your destiny? Kana simbi inoita rust. As long as you killer were made of dust, you will also return to dust. You killer, you might be happy that Tinashe has gone first, but I tell you, wherever you are, I repeat, wherever you, you better go ask for forgiveness from the Chiweshe family. Watirwadzisa isu ma neighbor a Tinashe who him growing a good child and a hard worker. Whatever differences you had with Tinashe were they worth killing him? Breaking his neck, spine and damaging his brain, was it worth it. Watirwadzisa isu ma neighbours a Tinashe. God is watching.

    • Stephen Kahwiti

      sure good people don’t last . ndarwadziwa