Harare Dealer Shoots Self Dead

Prominent spare parts dealer Peter Makoni shot himself dead in Harare on Tuesday following a divorce dispute with his wife.

Makoni’s body was found by his car on the corner  Old Mazowe and Mapereke roads on Tuesday night and remained under guard until Wednesday morning when the Criminal Investigation Department and forensics were done.

Relatives say he sent a text message to a cousin to meet him at the spot where he killed himself.

His cousin complied and came along with Makoni’s second wife, Ms Nyaradzo Nangai around 6pm and found him locked in his car. He lowered his window and then said that it was better for him to die. At 7.30pm he got out of the car and shot himself once in the head with a pistol.

Those who arrived first at the scene say his body was about a metre away from a pool of blood but with no blood trail.

A niece said while her uncle had been having problems with his first wife, they didn’t expect it to come to this.

Suicide is gory. Very gory and as an option it is never a good one. Sadly, in Zimbabwe, people don’t take suicidal people seriously. Only when it gets messed up do people act all surprised as if they really and absolutely could not see it coming.

There are always signs and but not enough support.

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)

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