Haiti To Join The African Union

Haiti has made a bid to become the first country not situated in Africa to join the African Union.

Haiti had already recently attended the  African Union International Conference of Heads of State and Government, held in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, as a member observer. Now the country has surprised delegates with the announcement that it would seek full associate membership with the 54-member bloc.

Haiti’s status as a full associate member will be effective from the next Union Summit next June in South Africa.

Haiti becomes the first African Diaspora state to become a member of the AU.

This is the natural consequence of what has been a positive relationship between Haiti and the African Union. President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal called for the accelerated naturalisation of Haitians following the devastating 2010 elections.

Haiti itself has promised to aid in negotiations for the reduction of debt once it becomes a full member. It also will mean the opening of new markets for the  country.

For Africa this is in line with constitutive Act which declares that it shall “invite and encourage the full participation of the African diaspora as an important part of our Continent, in the building of the African Union”. The African Union Government has defined the African diaspora as “consisting of people of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union”.

If treated correctly this could be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sources: BET, Haiti Libre, Wikipedia

  • Interesting article my initial reaction was huh? Why but I see where they are coming from. What I would like to know however is if this move by the OAU will also cause them to review this issue in Zimbabwe among other states of dual citizenship. If one has citizenship of two or more African states surely this should not be handled in the same way as one who is half British / American? And if the answer is yes it should then when is the OAU going to issue a continental citizenship? I am hapy to be a citizen of Africa as Haiti seeks to be part of ‘the motherland’ thereby gaining my identity as African.

    • Well just to note that it is African Union(AU) and it has a African Diaspora clause for associate membership.

      If I am Haiti I am loving this and if I am the AU I am thinking this is an opportunity to have influence beyond the physical continent.

      • Chanyani

        Sound like the poor wanting to be lead by the poor. @rudo AU can not touch Zim.

        • Rajo1

          U r an idiot. It would b ashame if u r black. African at that.

    • Rajo1

      Easy….Haitians are carribean first. This would make us officially African-carribean. Something Jamaica dreams about. Haiti is always winning in history…now they need to focus on rebuilding that nation.

      • I think people should allow Haitians to be what they want to be

        • Rajo1

          True. Don’t u agree of all nations in the carribs, Haiti should have that privilege to be recognized as African ppl? I’m Haitian American n my las name is African…go figure…

  • What the fuck are you talking about? Why Haiti ? Why not take Jamaica or Trinidad ? LMAO! Dude are you serious. Why can’t Haitians part with the Latin American Union instead ? Something Chavez or Fidel Castro been asking for years. Countries they actually had history with. That would make much more sense! AFRICA IS 5,000 Miles away and it’s the worst failing union ever. WE HAVE NO HISTORY WITH THOSE GUYS.

    No, Haiti is an Independent nation and should stay like that. Lmao, AU can’t even have a stable government themselves.

    Seriously dude, wtf is this guy doing ? I was liking the current president, then this was headlined. I find this as a huge insult. If this happens, I’M NEVER CLAIMING MY SELF HAITIAN EVER AGAIN! I rather claim my Russian half(mom) than claiming a country that is part of a FAILED UNION or nation that was stupid enough TO JOIN A UNION THAT IS 5,000 MILES AWAY!! THIS IS BLIND IMPERIALISM!

    I also heard it’s because Haitians are Africans ? OMFG BRO ! HAITIANS AREN’T PRIMARILY AFRICANS. It’s a nation with multi-racial backgrounds(African, Polish, German, Arabs, Indians and etc) which became the first nation to gain their own independence in Latin-America. Also, what racial ethnicity have to do with parting with a Union that is 5k miles away. I don’t get it. I don’t see Russia parting with Germany because they’re mostly Caucasoid. This is an unreasonable reason to part with a Union. YOU GUYS ARE SO OBSESSED WITH COLOR that you’ve been blinded by it. This isn’t going to help Haiti.


    Sorry If I repeated my self throughout the whole message, but I’m just trying to get my point across. Here’s a clear and un ranting version of my message. You see, Haiti won their independence 200 years ago and parting with a union that is 5000 miles away, with complete different cultural backgrounds, language and ideas would be a major set back for the country. If this happens, this will most certainly prove that you guys are weak that you are willing to join a union because of color similarity (when we’re really are not. We’re in Latin America for god sake) instead of joining it for the progression of the country.

    You see my father is Haitian; however my mom and I are Russian. I was born in Russia; which makes me Haitian Russian of coarse. There are other Russian Haitians in Russia who lives in Russia and get lots of respect. If you know Russian history, you would understand why. When you know you are part of a nation who became THE FIRST INDEPENDENT NATION IN LA or any part of a continent, and the First French Resisting system ever built, you get this huge patriotic feeling in you. Similar to the patriotic feeling when America decolonized them selves from a nation 5,000 miles away from them; The English. But now, when you hear you’re a failing country who’s about to join a failing union, what comes in mind is you’re loosing your nation’s independence and you’re going to fail even more; therefore, you will loose your patriotic ego.

    Now Africa, who has nothing to do with Haitian’s history, and did not help you and other nations in LA to gain their independence, nor was never an enriching union during the period you were enriched (1940s to 50s. Years of tourism and sugar exportation till some ass cut off the this exportation line and drove the country in to poverty.) and vastly lack of resources and a stable economical system CANNOT help a nation that is failing it self, unless well, they want to take your products and try to rise their own nation with your resources and give you shit.

    Now, I just found out about the big A.U and it has to stop.This is similar to German’s Aryan Unionization which was pretty wrong. I don’t get why this A.U thing is not put to a stop. This is world part ism.

    PS: If I offended you in any way with my slurs, I greatly apologize but remember, I have the right to freedom of speech. I would also like Africans to know that I have nothing against you guys, but parting with my father’s nation is a A HUGE N-O. What’s sad is, the Haitian people do not know about this. As always, you guys are doing this behind their backs. If they know about this, hell would break loose I guess. Haha !

    • AU is not a government. This does not take away from Haiti being an Independent state with its own laws. This is the same way that because Zimbabwe or South Africa are part of the AU but are not ruled by the AU. The AU helps protect their interests.

      On the issue of Jamaica and the others, most of those still fall under the UK and so they have no say in who they would like to be associated with.

      We think that a relationship between AU and Haiti is beneficial to both sides. More so to Haiti because it also stands benefit from assistance and aid as well access to a market that would be harder to get into if they did not have that status

  • JR

    Mclovin got a serious identity problem.

  • Some of these things take time