Hackivist Group Anonymous Vows to “Kill Facebook” on November 5

Anonymous is a bunch of hackers who say they fight for free speech and they have a particular thing against anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They wage wars online on people who they accuse of oppression.

They are no mugs. They have taken on all sorts of sites including the Zimbabwe government website. Most recently they took down the Syrian  ministry of defence website. So as I said these blokes are hectic.

And now their latest target? Your friend, Facebook. They are going to have a go at Facebook on November 5 over the site’s privacy policy. It alleges that ‘Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world’.

Anonymous also said things we already are uncomfortable about when it comes to Facebook; The fact that the social network retains all your information and it has way too much access to our private lives than it should have.

While I am in agreement with the fact that Facebook is more sinister than it looks I am not sure what killing it will do other than make them look like victims. People don’t care. That is a tragedy and when November 5 comes and there is a crash they will simply be outraged and converge to protect Facebook. It is a twisted version of the Stockholm syndrome I’m afraid.

Of course there will be a few that will give a damn. Maybe it is those few that will make the whole thing worth it

Watch a video of the statement from Anonymous below

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