Gweru Girl (8) Drowns During Swimming Lesson At School

A Cecil John Rhodes Primary School  Grade Three pupil has drowned during a swimming lesson.

At this stage Samantha Rudo Phiri’s death on Wednesday is being put down to negligence on the part of the school authorities.

The record has it that Samantha was last seen alive during lunchtime swimming her lessons. After the swimming lesson the students went back to class where it was noted that she was missing. A search was conducted and she was found dead in the dead in the deep end of the pool. The police were called in and the eight year-old’s body was taken to the mortuary.

The chilling thing is that her father, Mark Phiri,  had come to pick her up at 1pm and was told that she had a swimming lesson that would end at 4. When he returned the school authorities DID NOT tell him that his daughter had died. They simply said that she was missing. Only a little bit later did they tell him that her body had been ferried to the hospital after she had drowned.

A close family relative who we spoke to said that the infuriating thing is that the school is denying culpability. There were also questions raised about the state of the pool, which the relative said was so dirty that noone noticed Samantha drowning.

Gweru police have confirmed the incident.

It gets you thinking doesn’t it?

  • pathetic, he should sue them!

  • SadeFadè

    Hmmmm this is very sad…a parent losing a child is devastating. The school though handled this very badly by appearing to lie to the father in the first place about the long swimming lesson. Sounds like negligence but the school doesn’t want to be accountable. I hope the matter is thoroughly investigated.

  • Maclain Phiri

    I wish I could say something was done about it nobody was held responsible not the school not the trainer, its sad that they really know what happened to my daughter but still deny she was my only and the coat is still saying inquest up to now the trainer who I believe was the last one to see my daughter breathing never even came to my family to pass his condolences is he human I wonder do you sleep at night honestly I wonder. Is there any rule o law at all I leave it in the hands of the almighty to the school and trainer I forgive you and hope you are at peace

  • Jambanja paSalisbury

    This is terrible! Someone must be tried for culpable homicide here! I cannot believe this! The worst case of gross negligence!