Gumbura Defended Committing People To The Devil

Rape accused Robert Martin Gumbura, leader of the RMG Independent End Time Message church defended his practice of committing people to the hands of the devil.

Gumbura made these statements on the final day of his trial last Friday.

He said that it was a common practice even with some of his rival pastors quoting 1 Corinthians 5. H even claimed one of his rival pastors, Chitsinde of Spoken Word Ministries, had committed him to the hands of the devil over his polygamy.

Some of Gumbura’s alleged victims say he often told them he would commit them to the hands of the devil if they told anyone about him raping them.

Gumbura was also sh0wn in a video bragging about the fact that he had committed a 10 people to the hands of the devil and they had gone on to die.

Of course we found it strange that a ‘man of God’ would ask the devil to do him  a favour by killing his enemies. It is a thing that you just don’t do. It’s like cops hiring the most wanted man in the land to go and catch some criminals. It might make for a good movie but in real life unconscionable.

Gumbura is accused by seven women of rape. He also faces a possession of pornography rap. His judgement is set for 8 January.

  • Wiliam Mudyanavana (VaChasura)

    So if he was committed to the devil by G. Chitsinde then he is still in the devil’s hands. Or who took him out of the devil’s hands.