Goodbye Enterprise Road; Hello General Solomon Mujuru Road

The Harare City Council has resolved to name a major road after the late General Solomon Mujuru.

A decision was taken to name Enterprise Road after the General Mujuru. Rotten Row will changed to Chief Justice Enoch Dumbutshena and Churchill Road will be renamed Professor Walter Kamba Road.

The renaming of Enterprise Road is subject to the Mujuru family’s approval while the Dumbutshena and Kamba families have signed off  by their families.

We think the renaming of the streets of Zimbabwe after icons is a welcome move as it celebrates some of Zimbabwe’s great heroes.

The thing that irks us though is the number of people who still make refer to renamed roads by colonial names. That really bothers.

It is like when Google calls Zimbabwe, Rhodesia. Yes, they do that.

  • Its a waste of time & resources. We all know the roads by name, why bother confusing the population.