Good Riddance As Mai Faffy Is Demolished

Mai Faffy is gone. The spot has disappeared from the map so all the public drinkers and commercial sex workers will have to find another place to get up to whatever they get up to.

Joina Development Company, the company that took donkey years to build Joina City – and still hasn’t fully occupied it – is setting up another mall in Avondale.

Mai Faffy had been a popular place for a while but it wasn’t exactly the healthiest places around –  and I am not talking about the food and what not. While one could have their car fixed – or burgled – there or pick something with a pulse to take home it just wasn’t good for the real estate around it.

With the sort of thing that happened there in broad daylight it can’t have been good for the kids too. Happy Days was right next door and you can’t take your kids for ice cream with all that dodgy stuff happening there. Worse still if your kids were going to the shops and they passed by there on foot –  and the willingness to be corrupted that young minds have -it just wasn’t good.

For those who will miss it, well err… sorry? But for the sake of sanity, it did have to go. Londoners is just around the corner and it has more vice.

JDC says the mall will open in the second quarter of 2013. We’ll see.