Gono Meets Angel And Makandiwa Over ‘Miracle Money’

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono met with religious leaders Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel to discuss ‘miracle money’.

In a press conference held after the meeting, on Tuesday, Gono said that he’d learnt a bit about the spirit world and how it functioned while the two ‘prophets’ were schooled on earthly laws. All said that there was a perfect understanding about miracle money and they were all now speaking as ‘one voice’.

RBZ Governor meets Makandiwa and Uebert Angel over 'miracle money'

Press conference after Makandiwa, Gono Angel Meeting – Photo by Mako Mutimukulu

Makandiwa was quoted by Financial Gazette’s Paul Nyakazeya as saying:

We have tried to put God in a box or to teach him to listen but failed. He continues to show himself to Zimbabwe we cant control him.

Angel said what was being seen now was nothing compared to what other miracles would be taking place soon.

There is no need for me to explain chemical composition of miracles. We are even doing better than the miracle money you are talking about.

Yes, people, this happened. Then they had a press conference about it.

This is the diesel from a rock story all over again. While we are trying to run a serious country, our RBZ governor is having a bit of a laugh with two of his money-spinning friends.

It is a great story for the newspapers but, really?

  • I hope the earthly law teachings included instruction on misleading and deceptive conduct, embezzlement, fraud and a rider about changing the law in order to tax the profits of the prophets! I would suggest however that the lesson should have been delivered by earthly messengers emanating from the ZRP and ZIMRA…

    • t oney

      u guys do not know who the hell god is

  • Shingai

    I think what really happened in the meeting was that Gono asked these guys to stop the miracle money rants because they could get the RBZ into trouble with International law. We use a currency registered with a foreign treasury and supported with supply aggregates that are out of our local economic matrices. How do you explain the practicality of conjuring up notes printed in the USA?

  • mwana wevhu

    gono wanyadzisa manje, kI am ashamed id you. wakapedza yechipinge iyezvino waamuChurch, chii chaizvo churikunetsa. and is it true kuti one of your rein daughters ar,ujurwara? Shame, then were my juniors kualex Park primary, sorry mudhara, that explains kushaya brain, chizorora, yawakavhima nhasi yakumukira. siyana navo vakomana vemiracle money.


  • teurai

    Just like vamwe vake, gono brain munyati zero, handiti akawo kereke ndiko kakamuitira here ma assignments, wazoshaya manje. Ingoti ndiwe waakuda miracle money yacho kumba kwako to sponsor vasikana vako

  • teurai

    Hanzi irazor mudhara iyeyu gono saka tuti unogona kunge unenyaya iwe, manje zvemadhirezi zvinotoda homwe yakasimba saka gono aakuona kuti angangoshaye mababes akati mwana ndakachekeresa, central bank ndawisira pasi kusiri kufa ndekupi rega nditombopihwe miracle money pamwe ndingawane zvimoko. but pachirwere apo, I hope you use protection

  • bonzo

    I dont buy the theory yekuti gono audza vakomana vemamiracles to take caution, maziiro andunomuita gono anofanira kunge atopa vakomana with list yake, trunks of Obama in cash, lots and plenty of girls and some married women

  • Mr_popular

    Can’t believe there is so many galluble Zimbo’s still falling for these fraudsters tricks! The lord warned about many a fake prophet, Beware!!!

    • Greed and maybe desperation but mostly greed

      • Mr_popular

        Well greed is a vice that needs to be curbed then, the problem is everyone wants to get rich quick because the emulate the life styles the politicians are living, so what do they do :spend the little they have in hope that they can get rich quick, no work for that, then guys like these Makandiwa see the needs of the people and take advantage to con them. Sad state of affairs amongst africa’s most educated citizens, but wait now that’s disappearing, why well that’s another issue! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • mbosto

      taura hako!

    • Yashua

      tell me about the qualifications of fake prophets