Gokwe Panties Saga: Man Claims Ownership Of Goblin Behind It All

The Gokwe panties story  took a final twist yesterday when a man came forward and claimed a goblin behind the stealing of the women’s undergarments.

Lumeck Ncube, who falls under Chief Njelele’s area in Gokwe, admitted as much at a cleansing ceremony conducted by a traditional healer from Hwange and a prophet.

In something that even a Hollywood writer couldn’t script, it became apparent that the goblin had been terrorising women since 2004. One after the other villagers came forward and told their harrowing stories of encounters with the goblin.

Ncube then stepped forward and said that the goblin was his and it had gone ‘hostile and weird’ and now was going around sleeping with women. It is said, generally that when one gets a goblin it comes with a disclaimer. It either likes sex, likes killing or has some weird deviant thing it is into. Generally when it is fed the person who owns it prospers.

The villagers then threatened to beat him up but the police stopped it all. Then, the goblin was brought out, and burnt.

Ncube, who was interviewed by the Bulawayo daily, The Chronicle,  said that he had acquired the goblin to bring himself some luck but when this didn’t happen he tried to get rid of it with the help of traditional healers. That is when it started becoming a problem.

Creepy if you ask us. You wonder about that world really. But wonder is far as we will go because next thing, another 26 panties go missing somewhere and it is all our fault.

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