Gokwe Goblin Part Of A Syndicate; Girl Claims To Have Been Raped

The Gokwe Goblin which was responsible for stealing panties in Chief Njelele’s region has a few nasty accomplices.

This came to light after a 12 year-old girl admitted to practicing witchcraft and eating human flesh. She also says she was sexually abused by   snakes, goblins and human like creatures that belonged to a syndicate of witches from Gokwe.

It gets even crazier. The police have confirmed the incident.

The girl is from the Rutendo suburb of Redcliff Town. She confessed to digging up graves, taking human flesh and blood for use in ritual practices.

Said Acting Midlands Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko:

The girl alleged that she was being visited by snakes that would lick her private parts and all over the body during the night while sometimes she would be sexually abused by goblins and human like creatures that she could not identify.

It is said the poor girl has been on the run from the goblins and snakes. She fled from her parents’ home to Kwekwe to live with he father in the hope of starting a new life. There another syndicate took her in before she fled again. She was taken in by someone who felt sorry for her. She admitted this was happening after he found her with human flesh one day.

They tried to take her to mapostori to be cleansed but she ran away.

At the moment noone knows where she is.

It’s real out there.

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