Girlfriend Killer Zimondi Denied Bail

Pritchard Zimondi, who is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Monalisa Chinomona was on Friday denied bail by the High Court.

The reason given by Justice Joseph Musakwa was that he was likely to flee.

According to a Facebook page which as been following the matter closely, Justice Musakwa was of the opinion that the state had a strong case for premeditated murder which meant that Zimondi could not be afforded bail.

Critical to the application being denied was the fact that there were inconsistencies in the explanation by Zimondi behind how he got hold of Chinomona’s panties. Also damaging for him was the fact he had given contradicting statements as to his whereabouts at the time of her death.

Chinomona was stabbed 15 times in a case that gripped the headlines in April last year. The state says that he was angry at being jilted by the 19 year-old.

With information from Newsday