Germany legalises weed for some…

Germany’s lower house of parliament on Friday passed a law that will legalise weed for people who are chronically ill.

“Marijuana” by United States Fish and Wildlife Service – [1], specifically CASA1_LF.jpg. (If the links expire, the photo can be found by searching for “cannabis” at the GIMP photo archive.) The original file with a watermark is at Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Cannabis will only be administered in ‘very limited and exceptional cases’.

German health minister Hermann Groehe

Those who are severely ill need to get the best possible treatment and that includes health insurance funds paying for cannabis as a medicine for those who are chronically ill if they can’t be effectively treated any other way

It will come down to a prescription from a doctor really.

The law comes into effect in March.

Wonder when laws in Zimbabwe will get to this point. While weed is widely used in this country, it remains contraband across the board in spite of its extensive medicinal capabilities.

With information from VOA

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