Mujuru Inquest: Will We Find Out What Happened To The General?

As we said earlier, the murmurs coming from the inquest have done little so far to even begin to put this matter to rest. We accept that it is now the second of five days that we are in, to determine the cause of the General Solomon Mujuru’s death.

Perhaps we are just impatient, and we watch too much TV where things happen in the most dramatic fashion.

So far there is a dispute between police and a guard over whether there were gunshots or not. General Mujuru’s paternal nephew, Tendai Mundawarara, struggled to make sense of the guard’s assertion that there were gunshots at 12am and then a fire at 2am. The correlation was hard to make and so we are nowhere nearer to deciding whether there was someone who was shot or something else happened.

The police and the guard cannot even agree over whether there was a passenger in the car or not. The guard, insists there was one. The police say it was just a jacket. Either someone is lying or someone is being ambitious here.

Then there is the matter of what caused the fire. We already know the man was not drunk. He was a trained soldier but somehow he got caught in a fire. There were no explosives or inflammable liquids. What happened then? ZETDC will testify that there was no electrical fault.

Unless there is something huge that comes up in the next couple of days it feels a little like it is playing to the gallery. The police have concluded their investigation. It would have been a lot easier if they just released it and we decided whether it was believable or not.

Whatever happens though, this will sell a lot of papers.

You can read a gripping tale of the account from The Herald. also ran two very interesting articles.

We wait

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