General Mujuru Death: Details Emerge

Details have emerged of the death of the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru at his Beatrice farm.

It is said he arrived home at 8pm and he went to bed. It was early this morning that it was noticed that his house was on fire. Neighbours are said to have rushed to his house but found that that but had already collapsed. At first they thought he had escaped but someone noticed that there was a burning body in one of the smaller rooms. It is suspected that he had been trying to escape but was unable to make it in time.

As it stands, it would appear he was the only one who died in the fire.

General Constantine Chiwenga, in an interview with ZBC’s SFM said that the way he had gone was ‘difficult to comprehend’.

Other service chiefs were at the Mujuru farm this morning along with his wife Vice President  Joice Mujuru who was  distraught.

His daughter, on Facebook, wrote:

He was 66, a belly full of whiskey and the most important man in my in eternal peace baba..i love u

RIP Rtd General Mujuru.

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