Gay Boy Terrorises Form 2 Pupils

A Form 4 student has been accused of terrorising Form 2 pupils by  abusing them in their sleep.

The boy blames the habit on cannabis.

It is said young boys were waking up in the morning with sore or swollen privates. They complained to their patron and a trap was set. The boy then pitched up on schedule to suck on his latest victim. That was when he was apprehended.

The school says he was disciplined.

Makes the idea of boarding school creepy doesn’t it? Sure, boarding school has always been borderline abusive, especially when we talk of initiation and all that other mess. However when a senior student goes about engaging in that sort of behaviour it is traumatising.

Of course in this instance, there is a difference between being asked to run naked in the cold as a form of initiation and young boys asleep and having some sicko having his way with them.

Are the symptoms the same though? The fact that one who is older feels entitled to use the younger students…

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)