GALZ: Shocking HIV Stats In Zim Gay Community

A report by the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe shows some worrying stats in that community

Hiv ribbon in SVG format (free)
Trygve.u / Foter / CC BY

According to NewZimbabwethe information was released recently at a media training workshop:

In a study carried out by GALZ in partnership with local partners and SADC member states, Zimbabwean Men Who have Sex with Men (MSM) in five sites (383) had 23.5% HIV prevalence and Woman who have Sex with Women (WSW) (179) 32.6%

Zimbabwe’s prevalence is about 15% meaning that HIV stats for the gay community are over twice those of the national ones.

And as a community that is not officially recognised it will make it even harder to deal with it all.

Mind you, when you look at the history of HIV and its spreading it was mostly prevalent in vulnerable societies such as the gay community who were not given the same access to facitlities, without fear of being ostracised, as the rest of society.