No Foul Play In Christpowers Death – Cops

Zimbabwe police have ruled out foul play in the death of Christpowers Maisiri.

The story gripped the nation last week after the 12 year-old son of an MDC-T local party official was burnt to death. His father Shepherd Maisiri along with his party had pointed the finger at ZANU-PF. The whole world ran with that story and political violence became the headline attached to Zimbabwe again. Of course, President Robert Mugabe’s party denied it.

The police asked for patience while they conducted investigations into the Headlands death.

Now they say an explosion was behind the fire that took the boy’s life.

Said police spokesperson, Charity Charamba, speaking to The Herald:

There is high probability that ammonium nitrate and tobacco chemicals exploded during the fire. No foul play is suspected. Forensic experts did their analysis combined with police investigations and no foul play is suspected.

A paraffin lamp was found close to the  bags of fertiliser and tobacco chemicals that burnt the thatched hut.

It is sad that young Christpowers died in that way. It is always tragic when a child dies under whatever circumstances. What was disappointing though was the political leadership failing to use this as an opportunity to calm supporters. Then there was the media who ran with the story as if it was fact because it was convenient to do so. Expect them to either call the police bare-faced liars or to pretty much not cover the police end of things at all.

It’s sad. Sad on every count.

  • The title of the article ought to be “No Foul Play “, right ? Anyway it is a shame the boy had to die like that, if indeed there was a lamp and AN then it’s highly likely an explosion started the fire. AN is highly combustible. Negligence could have led to this sad occurrence.