Forget Alcohol! Let’s All Do Cocaine

So that lot in the dusty coats is at it again. Yes that bunch that considers itself excessively smart and therefore has the right to tell us how to live life as frequently as it possibly can.

You know the time they said drugs are bad for you. No they have not changed that. It is still do the same. But they say hard drugs such as Cocaine and Heroine are less bad for you than alcohol.

OK the disclaimer is as an individually the hard drugs are bad for you but apparently alcohol is bad for you and for the people around you.

The white-coat who is saying all this called Professor Nutt(we’re not making this up) and if you have to go by names then you have to say he is a bit… err, yeah that.

But then think about that. He is saying that generally you are still an bloody awful human being but if you drink then you’re worse than Pete Doherty who seems to want to find new ways of spectacularly screwing up his life. With him it is like watching Saw. I mean like. really dude!

That out of the way I am go to my local watering hole and instead of asking for the befuddling stuff, I will order a pound of cocaine. Or is it an ounce? A gramme.

Aw snap. A beer it is then