flyafrica Lays Fraud Charges Against Zim Partner; To Resume Operations Thursday

The news hit Zimbabwe’s aviation industry that low-cost airline had slapped its Zimbabwe partner with fraud charges on Wednesday.


So it said:

On Tuesday 27 October laid serious fraud and theft charges totalling in excess of $140,000 USD against a family member of our local partner in flyafrica Zimbabwe. has also suspended the Zimbabwe partner within the airline for breach of Directoral and Fiduciary duties. Further charges are anticipated.

In retaliation the Zimbabwe partner illegally and unilaterally attempted to surrender our Air Operator Certificate to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ).

As such flights, which have been on and off for the last couple of weeks were suspended.

This caused an uproar among passengers demanding refunds, some of which were before the current debacle. On the page some expressed their opinion:

Tony Gibson I have 8 mates stranded in Vic Falls from last night and have had to return via Livingstone at their cost plus a nights lodging at a very silly raye as Vic Falls hotels are full. There was no beer on the flight up there on Friday last week. Bankruptcy maybe as opposed to partner fraud. I have three tickets booked for 4 November, so now what???

Faith Mukudu I am glad they are in trouble these people were thieves

Francis Savanhu I knew it was going to be a matter of time b4 things gets sour.

Wolfgang H. Thome Stalling when the obvious was written on all walls was not a smart move I must say … well, your court battle will be watched with keen interest …

In response said:

Please be assured our schedule will be operating as normal from this afternoon

It is a matter we will be watching with curiosity as it has wider implications. The whole low-cost airline concept has brought convenience of travel for many and it would be a shame if its wings were clipped so soon.

If allegations of theft are indeed true it will be embarrassing given the pomp and fanfare that came with the idea of local indigenous people getting involved in such a high-risk and high-level industry.

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