Female Rapists: Of Unusual Requests Leading to Arrests

I don’t know about you but I have never been asked to help someone transport a load of used condoms packed with semen.

This happened to  a couple of police officers at an accident scene when the people making the strange requests asked the police to allow them to take the stuff from the back of their car.

The police are now linking this to a spate of rapes committed by women on men over the last year or so.

Before pre-empting this allegation, my first question would be: What are you doing with the used condoms in your car? I mean I use condoms when I have sex but I don’t keep the used, loaded rubber. And three women, with 31 used condoms? Really?

And not only that. You have the bloody nerve to approach a police officer to ask him to help you retrieve them. What is your story when he asks you what they are for? You collect used condoms as a hobby.

With three of the alleged perpetrators, it is slightly safer for men to hitchhike again…