Female Rapists Strike Again

Female rapist incidents have resurfaced after a quiet a period after the arrest of the now infamous three in Gweru.

Two men, one in Marondera and the other in Chiredzi reported being forced to have sex at gun and knife point respectively by women.

The stories all looked pretty much the same. Someone gets a lift from women and then is made to have sex with one, condom supplied.

The thing that gets me thinking is, whether there is a huge syndicate out there going about accosting men and forcing men to have sex with them (I am not sure under what circumstances a man is forced to have sex with a woman though). If there isn’t a syndicate, could the detained ones be the wrong people? Or were they part of a small gang?

The big question, where this investigation should be:  Where are the condoms going? What is the reason behind the whole exercise? To deal with this, we should really be going to source and working from there. If there is an external and overriding season then we should be working on eliminating that.

Whatever it is, I can see two groups of people emerging among men. Those who will never catch a lift in a private car; and those who will be looking for a private car. Yes, the latter do exist.

  • Rufaro

    I heard they use the semen for ritual purposes…

  • tvjunkie

    Women raping men… interesting turn of events, maybe now rape cases will be taken more seriously by the judicial system..

    • I think in fairness, Zimbabwe leads the way in how seriously it takes rape cases that are reported