‘Female Rapists’ Sexually Abuse Soldier

So the ‘female rapists’ are back in business after a report emerged that they had their way with a  male soldier this past Sunday on the outskirts of Gweru.

Apparently three women had this poor fella drink some potion and then took turns to sexually abuse him. They then left the unconscious in a bush on the outskirts of Gweru. This happened between 8 and 11.30 in the morning

Police confirmed the incident.

So the story is that the gentleman in question was trying to hitchhike to Harare when a white BMW stopped to pick him up. Of course seeing as he was a soldier and there were three women he figured he could handle the situation. He got in the car and after driving for a bit one of the women sprayed him with some substance, weakening him. After that they forced him to drink some concoction.

When he regained consciousness, his trousers had been undone but all his stuff was there. He reported the matter to the police.

The story of  ‘female rapists’ especially in the midlands region was the rage late last year after three women were arrested on allegations of raping men. The court was thrown out for lack of evidence.

But this is a soldier… so what hope is there for the rest of us?

  • Mr_popular

    This is scary stuff! Nobody is safe, well hitch hiking isn’t safe for guy! One also wonders with all the police road blocks around, how are they getting past undetected? Somebody has to put a stop to these raping sprees, urgently too!

    • Well it is crazy if you ask us

      • Mr_popular

        But why is it only happening in Zimbabwe? We never hear of this crazy thing anywhere else in the region or world beyond! And if we have people like soldiers getting this kind of heat then normal people don’t stand a chance, unless of course this story is a fabrication on the soldiers part! But then again why don’t specialist doctors examine these victims to ascertain what substances and concoctions are being used by these menace’s to society!!!