VIDEO: Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post

An angry father has put 8 bullets in his 15 year-old daughter’s laptop after he came across a ‘rebellious’ post she posted on Facebook. In it she complains about the chores she has to do and says that she should get paid for them.

For Tommy Jordan, restricting access to Facebook or grounding were not enough. Instead, he dressed her down and then shot her laptop. He recorded the whole thing on Facebook.

The video is below and it is about 8 minutes long but it is worth watching for parents. Maybe we wouldn’t really recommend shooting a laptop but you get the point. There is just too much irresponsible posting by people on Facebook and some of it exceedingly mischievous and embarrassing.

The video itself has had more than 19 million views in the 5 days that it has been up.

If you can’t view it on this site you can watch it on Youtube by clicking here.