ZIMBABWE: Farmer Mike Campbell Dies

His story was dramatised on British television. He played the part of the victim of a senseless and immoral land resettlement exercise. He preached his property rights message to the hilt. He won before a tribunal that everyone liked in principle while unwilling to be subject to it. And the villain? The black people of Zimbabwe.

While I pass my condolences to his family, I for one cannot shed a tear for Mike Campbell.

He was a direct or indirect beneficiary of a racist system that disenfranchised the majority and instead of trying to right those wrongs he fought only for his personal gain.

He refused to be part of the revolution and chose to fight against it. Zimbabwe  will not celebrate his legacy.

In spite of all of this, he was a human being and may his soul rest in peace.

  • Ggovender

    If the tables were turned would you still be of the same opinion? I think not.