Facebook Privacy: Home address now shared with developers

How many of you would give their home address to strangers? In fact I know a lot of people who will date someone and not let them know where they stay until they have ascertained that the person is safe.

Facebook have just gone rogue and now shares your home address and phone number with Application developers.

Of course it could all look innocent to start with but when you think of the number of rogue applications that now exist on Facebook that are treated as safe because they are on Facebook after all, this poses a serious security risk. Who is getting access to information?

Who says some bandit out there is not going to simply create an application that is meant to harvest user data while working under the guise of giving the user one experience or the other.

So if you have number or home address on Facebook, now might be a good time to get rid of it.

  • RueJay

    Why would you put your phone number or address on facebook anyway ? I think some people put too much information about themselves on facebook anyway, just begging someone to hijack information about them !