Facebook messages: Not quite email but it is

So Mark Zuckerberg called everyone around to watch him speak yesterday about the most important website in some people’s lives. Yes that is Facebook.

The speculation earlier had been that it was going to be the Gmail killer given the social networking sites close to 600 million subscribers.

What he announced was what he called Facebook messages. Wait, don’t we have that already? No. This was messages that had evolved. Essentially you would get an @facebook.com address for communication. But that is email you say. Err… yes and no.

What would happen is this, when you use Facebook, you will decide what platform you want to receive communication by. So that means you could go Instant Messaging or SMS or Facebook messages(email). Although he insists it is not email because there would be no subject or bcc or the lot.

What is a bit silly is they announced the whole conversations thing as if it was revolutionary. Err, I guess they have never heard about Gmail.

What they are trying to achieve like anyone who has a website is to keep you on their site.

It is all fun and dandy but I am not sure any corporates will be rushing for this. Except I guess if the masses have their eyeballs there then you have to have a presence.

As to when you can get this? Facebook will send invites out and then you can invite whoever you like.

I am not that excited. I think we are giving more and more of our privacy away.