Facebook Leaks Access to Accounts: Change Your Password Now!

Symantec recently found that over 100,000 Facebook applications were allowing the leaking of user details including chats, messages, photos and other personal information. So yes, they know about that embarrassing message u sent.

That aside, fact is, Symantec notified Facebook about this security problem and they have taken steps to sort it out.

The advice from Symantec? CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW

Over 20 million applications are installed by users daily and when you install them, you grant these apps access to certain details. This is pretty much, as Symantec called it, like giving them “spare keys”.

While access tokens usually expire after a short while, some applications request offline access so in essence you are always ‘online’. So inadvertently your information may have been passed on to third parties and particularly, advertisers.

You’ve been warned!