Facebook Is Tracking You… Even If You Do Not Have An Account – Report

A new report Belgian Privacy Commission has found some rather disturbing information about Facebook’s tracking system.

Facebook: The privacy saga continues
Facebook: The privacy saga continuesopensourceway / Foter / CC BY-SA

It will track your web movements even if you do not have an account via its social  plugins eg ‘Like’ buttons. Yep that also includes people who have asked Facebook not to track their movement.

The plugins are on 13 million websites worldwide which is creepy.

A special cookie called ‘datr’ is installed and it sees what you are doing on sites with social plugins.

Facebook says there are ‘factual inaccuracies’ in the report and wants to meet the authors to point out where they made mistakes.

Mind you, even if this is found to be true we are a bit stuffed arent we? not like we’re moving away anytime soon. Add to that the fact that even if you are not a user, they’re watching you.

The report is not yet adopted as final.

With information from RussiaToday.

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